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What Important Facts to Consider Before Purchasing Food Processor

A food processor, with its versatility and convenience of use has become an indispensable tool in a modern kitchen. It provides its utility in numerous kitchen tasks like chopping vegetables, grinding meat, pureeing food, shredding cheese, kneading dough, making nut butter and much more. A wide variety of this product is available in the market making your choice a hard one if you are out looking for a food processor to buy. Here are a few things you should consider in the food processor that you are about to buy:


If you want your food processor to perform only the basic functions like chopping and grinding, low powered motor power would do. But if you intend to perform heavy tasks like kneading dough and making nut butter with your food processor you should buy one with a motor power of 700 watts or more.


The size of your food processor depends on the amount of food you usually cook and the amount of countertop space you have available. Choose an adequate size wisely so that you do not have to process food in multiple batches making your task harder. You could also consider buying a food processor that comes with multiple bowls of different sizes.


Ponder a little over the tasks you will want your food processor to perform. Make sure your food processor has the attachments for those. Some models come with a blender attachment which you can consider if you make smoothies and soups often. Look for a food processor with a dough blade if you are a fan of baking. Other attachments could e different sized bowls and blades, disks for shredding/slicing multiple thicknesses of foods etc. you need to decide what your requirements are and how much are you willing to spend on them.


Standard food processors offer one year warranty. Some good quality ones, from reputable manufacturers, offer longer warranties in order to cover the motor and the parts of the food processor. If you plan on using your food processor often and are not tight on your budget, consider buying food processor with a longer warranty so that you can perform even the heavy tasks without the worry of damaging your food processor.


The whole point of a food processor is to make your work easy. If it has a lot of small parts where the food can get stuck and is not dishwasher safe either, it will take up much of your effort in cleaning and the whole purpose of a food processor will be lost. Look for a food processor that has all its parts dishwasher safe. If it is not dishwasher safe, it should not have a lot of small parts and should be constructed in such a way that makes manual cleaning easy.

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How to use your Blender for making delicious Soups

Blenders are very important cooking tools and are found in mostly all average kitchens. Contrary to the common belief, they are not just used for smoothies and milkshakes. If you want to buy a blender for your kitchen, read our Blender Reviews to make the best selection.You will be surprised to know they are also used for making soups and sauces. Most children do not enjoy eating vegetables. If you are facing the same troubles with your family and want to increase their vegetable consumption so that all the nutrients from the healthy, fresh vegetables can be transported to your children’s body, you have come to the right place! Serve them with deliciously cooked homemade soups made with fresh vegetables and your blender. Your kids will not be able to resist.

Soups are a heavenly treat in the cold winter evenings. A sip of hot soup spreads a comforting warmth quickly throughout your body making you forget the cold breezes outside. Your family can enjoy a hot cup of soup by the fireplace after a long tiring day.

As the first step, you will need to choose a good blender, one that is up to the task. You can use a countertop blender but be careful as not all countertop blenders are designed to withstand hot ingredients. Also, the transfer of ingredients to and from the blender jar will require the cleaning of multiple utensils. A better option therefore is an immersion blender (also called a hand blender). Using an immersion blender to make soup, you can blend your hot ingredients right in the pan. No extensive cleaning is required as with the countertop blenders. You just have to clean the shaft of the immersion blender. Check Out to find the best immersion blender for your kitchen.

Follow these steps to make homemade vegetable soup:


  1.    1 cup vegetables
  2.    1 clove of garlic
  3.    1 cup of vegetable stock
  4.    1/3 cup milk or yogurt


  1.    Wash the vegetables and cut them into smaller pieces. You can use just about any vegetable to make soup. Carrots and tomatoes, however, are the most popular.
  2.    Next, put all the ingredients in a large pot, turn on the flame and let it cook till the vegetables are soft.
  3.    Immerse your hand blender into the pot and blend all ingredients until you get a smooth texture. If you do not have an immersion blender, you can transfer the ingredients to the jar of your countertop blender. Pulse it for a couple of seconds or until the mixture is smooth. If your countertop blender cannot handle hot ingredients wait for them to cool down before blending them. After the blending task is done, you can transfer them back to the pot and reheat the mixture.
  4.    You can add salt and pepper to taste.
  5.    Your soup is ready to be served. You can serve it with bread or crackers. If you want your soup to be a full meal, you can also serve it with rice.
  6.    This recipe makes enough soup for 4 servings.

This method for making soup is so fast and easy that once you have tried it, you will be making it every other day.

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Top 3 Reasons why you should start drink Juicing

Who doesn’t love a refreshing glass of juice! Not only does it taste great but also gives you energy boost adding up on the calories that you consume on a daily basis. Juices are one of the first things you are recommended to start if you opt for a weight loss diet. Even those without any weight problems opt for juicing because of the countless health benefits it offers. The fresh fruits and vegetables you use for juicing are packed with nutrients and almost all of these nutrients get transferred to your drink. All the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that you find hard to consume otherwise are easily consumed in a simple drink. Here are all the best reasons why you need to turn over a new leaf and make juicing a part of your life:


Fruits and vegetables are easier to digest when they are juiced and give you an energy boost without using up a lot of your energy in the digestion process. Where you would have used your energy in digesting whole fruits and vegetables, you can now use it for more important purposes.

Helps lose weight:

Homemade juices are a great means to get your share of nutrients without gaining weight. When you consume a lot of processed food in your diet which is high on preservatives, sugars and other additives you should know that this sort of diet is not good for your health and also makes you gain weight. As opposed to processed food, juicing is completely healthy, natural and free of additives such as sugar to give you the required energy without adding to your weight. Also with all the extra energy gained through a glass of juice you will feel fresh and active for exercise which will in turn help you lose weight. For making homemade juices, you will need a good juicer. Read best cold press juicer & reviews 2019 before selecting a suitable one for your kitchen.


If you search the internet, or even if you invent your own recipes, there are endless possibilities which you can try from healthy green juices to tasty fruit juices. You can even try out different combinations. Not only does this variety let you enjoy all the different tastes but it also gives you the correct share of all the different nutrients that exist in nature. When you cook the vegetables for dinner or chop them for a salad, you end up using the same combinations which means that the types of nutrients you consume are limited. With a variety of different juices in your diet you will keep all the necessary nutrients in your system to prevent different illnesses, build your immune system and in short keep you healthy.

Now that you understand why juicing is so important, you should also know that homemade juices are the most healthy and tasty form of juices.

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